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    I just upgraded to 2.8.6 and now when I create a new invoice, the total line is gone.. It lets me enter qty and price, but doesn’t total..

    I’ve looked at other invoices that were saved and they are jacked up as well.


    let me clarify … They are saved correctly, just the total does not calculate nor does it update correctly if I make a change… Screenshots:




    Thanks for the report, but I’m unable to reproduce the issue in 2.8.6. This issue should be related to a Javascript error, can you please have a look at the Javascript error console for possible errors. In my test installation and the live installation I do not have many plugins, it is possible that one of the other plugins may be causing the Javascript error.

    Looking forward to reading from you.


    I updated some other plugins and that fixed it…

    Not sure what it was exactly.. Just upgraded others and this began to work again… :)


    cool, if you list the pugins you upgraded it might help someone else in the same situation.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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