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Persnl allows users to register or transfer a domain and manage a simple web site. CMS was custom built keeping in mind to make the task of editing the site easy as possible. It may not be the most flexible but it definitely is very simple to use. uses GoDaddy reseller API to look up domain availability and register domains.

Custom Open Cart search module –

Autolink Japan required custom search module for Open Cart. Open Cart search module was unable to cover search based on multitude of meta data related to vehicles. I created a new search module for Open Cart to enable Autolink Japan clients to search their dream vehicle. Autolink Japan was very happy with the outcome.

Numismatics inventory

Numismatics inventory management web application for eBay seller 123collectorscurrency. The inventory application captures all the essential informations about banknotes and coins and adds the ability to search the inventory. It has help 123collectorscurrency to manage their inventory with ease and search for items easily to be listed in their eBay store as well as, and If you need a similar inventory management application built please feel free to contact me.

iPhone App review plugin

iPhone World , an Israel based site contracted my self to build a WordPress plugin that can be used to submit iPhone application reviews. Application details needs to be fetch from the iTunes App store and then stored to be displayed along side the review. They came to me after many failed attempts with different providers and they were very happy with the outcome.

The Copy Squad – Ticketing

The Copy Squad - Ticketing

The Copy Squad contracted my self to modify open source ticketing system eTicket to support their process. Changes were not trivial and involved modifying a product that lacked any developer documentation.

Breeze Tech shopping cart

Breeze Tech are specialists in proximity marketing based in UK. They wanted to start an online shop/e-commerce site in order to increase the ease of acquiring their products. On my recommendation they went with Magento open source e-commerce platform. They required a custom theme consistent with rest of the site. They are very happy with the outcome.

So Fo Real – multi site shopping cart

So Fo Real productions went multi site, each site more focused on a particular genre. While doing this they wanted to avoid duplicating content and tasks. I was contracted to modify the Flash player and shopping cart to serve all domains with the tracks specific to the genre. and the related sites are now hosted on a Xen Linux VPS.

Euro coin trading company provides online presence for Euro coin trading company. They were using Network Solutions for web hosting, but were not happy with the response time of Network Solutions support. It was a hard decision to make because they will have to put behind many years off experience with Network Solution’s CMS, ImageCafe. I was able to convince otherwise with a demo site using WordPress. proudly powered by WordPress and currently hosted at Netfirms.
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Felizsemdor – Psychology clinic (Portugese)

Felizsemdor is run by Dr. Teresa Tupholme for her Health and Well being clinic. She contracted my self to deploy a WordPress based site and develop a theme to reflect her services. She is very happy with the outcome.

Smart Throttle WordPress plugin


Smart Throttle WordPress plugin dynamically adjusts the time out between comments. Time out is decided by the rate of comments in the last hour. WordPress has a default comment time out of 15s. Which is sometimes not sufficient when your blog is being flooded with spam comments, every comment requires at least one write to the database. With a swarm of bots it quickly adds up, specially on a server with limited resources. Smart Throttle adjusts the time out depending on the rate of comments in the last hour from the given user. More >