MOHA Chat is a free and open source chat solution. Comes with intuitive web client. Less resource consuming on server side and fast on client side. Can run on most shared hosts. Only requires Apache with PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL on server side. Users can deploy a chat service in a matter of minutes and their users can use their browsers to use the service.

You can use plug ins to make your chatting experience even better with MOHA Chat. MOHA Chat has a wide array of plug ins which adds lot of functionality to the chat.



Why get a professional installation of MOHA Chat ?

Thought installing MOHA Chat is a easy task you might over look some security implications. With a professional installation you get a hardened (secured) installation of MOHA Chat.

Why get a professional installation of MOHA Chat from Mohanjith ?

MOHA Chat is developed by Mohanjith. There is no one better to get a MOHA Chat installation.