• iKeyword – iPhone and iPod touch App

    iKeyword iPhone Application

    iKeyword iPhone/iPod Touch Application is a must have tool for any online marketing expert. It allows you to search for related keywords using the Google AdWords keywords on the go and also forward the keywords found as a CSV via e-mail. This app can help you discover keywords using your iPhone. Very handy during client meetings and other odd situations when you need to discover related keywords fast, also you can keep those keywords for your reference.

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  • World of Warcraft Armoury Sites


    anonprofiles.com and anonprofiles.net are two WordPress based sites which uses a custom built plugin to scrape the official World of Warcraft armoury and store the character profiles for life. Plugin is also capable of reading LUA character dumps. It can be handy in cases where the character details have been deleted from the armoury or to extract details not usually available from the armoury.

  • 3 Free SIM – Mobile site


    3 Free SIM, mobile site is promotional site for 3 Mobile UK for their free SIM offer run by BlisMobile Media for 3 Mobile UK. Users are able to sign up for free SIM via their mobile device. The site is optimized for each device on the fly. Both BlisMobile Media and their client was very happy with the result.

  • Lynx Rise – Mobile site

    Lynx Rise

    Lynx Rise mobile website run by BlisMobile Media for Lynx Twist. Each mobile device accessing the site was served pages that was optimized for the device on the fly.

  • Keeping Keeley – Lynx UK – Mobile site


    Keeping Keeley mobile website and trailer delivery via mobile Internet run by BlisMobile Media for Lynx Twist. Keeping Keeley is an interactive film promoting Lynx Twist, fragrance that changes. Each mobile device accessing the site was served pages and trailer that was optimized for the device, and the trailer was encoded on the fly. Overall campaign as well as the site was a major success, both BlisMobile Media and their client was very happy with the result.

  • Domains by volume Greasemonkey script


    Domains By Volume is a Greasemonkey Script that was built to finally simplify the process of finding keyword based domain names. Built as an add-on to Google’s Keyword Tool that is used by so many to find relevant keywords and their associated search volume. I was involved in developing the Greasemonkey script, domain look up web service and integration with resell.biz and namecheap API.

  • Persnl


    Pernl.com allows users to register or transfer a domain and manage a simple web site. Persnl.com CMS was custom built keeping in mind to make the task of editing the site easy as possible. It may not be the most flexible but it definitely is very simple to use. Persnl.com uses GoDaddy reseller API to look up domain availability and register domains.

  • Custom Open Cart search module – autolink.co.jp


    Autolink Japan required custom search module for Open Cart. Open Cart search module was unable to cover search based on multitude of meta data related to vehicles. I created a new search module for Open Cart to enable Autolink Japan clients to search their dream vehicle. Autolink Japan was very happy with the outcome.

  • Numismatics inventory


    Numismatics inventory management web application for eBay seller 123collectorscurrency. The inventory application captures all the essential informations about banknotes and coins and adds the ability to search the inventory. It has help 123collectorscurrency to manage their inventory with ease and search for items easily to be listed in their eBay store as well as collectorscurrency.com, southafricacoins.com and iraqidinars.com. If you need a similar inventory management application built please feel free to contact me.

  • iPhone App review plugin


    iPhone World , an Israel based site contracted my self to build a WordPress plugin that can be used to submit iPhone application reviews. Application details needs to be fetch from the iTunes App store and then stored to be displayed along side the review. They came to me after many failed attempts with different providers and they were very happy with the outcome.


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