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Domains by volume Greasemonkey script

Domains By Volume is a Greasemonkey Script that was built to finally simplify the process of finding keyword based domain names. Built as an add-on to Google’s Keyword Tool that is used by so many to find relevant keywords and their associated search volume. I was involved in developing the Greasemonkey script, domain look up web service and integration with and namecheap API.

So Fo Real – multi site shopping cart

So Fo Real productions went multi site, each site more focused on a particular genre. While doing this they wanted to avoid duplicating content and tasks. I was contracted to modify the Flash player and shopping cart to serve all domains with the tracks specific to the genre. and the related sites are now hosted on a Xen Linux VPS.

Flash player and shopping cart


So Fo Real productions allow users sample and purchase tracks online. A Flash mp3 player and a custom made javascript cart was used. It’s a good demonstration how a slick user interface can be designed with html with minimal of Flash. and the related sites are now hosted on a Xen Linux VPS.

Javascript shopping cart

Shopping cart system on is purely client side. It is based on Free Shopping Cart from NOP Design. I was responsible for integration with Free shopping cart and customization. The project was completed within a day. For credit card processing was used.

Vietnamese input plugin for TinyMCE


A Vietnamese input plugin for TinyMCE that allows the users of the site to use a English keyboard to type Vietnamese. Supports TELEX, VNI, VQR, and VQR* input methods. Try it out, see the demo.