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    I put “[Web-Invoice]” (no quotes) in “http://contentascent.com” and have tried other code inside brackets, but I can’t get anything about Web Invoice to appear. No documentation anywhere says anything either.

    Can’t figure out if this is a WordPress 2.8.3 (my version) problem or what. What do I put in a page to make Web-Invoice appear?



    INSTALL FAILED. Here is the error I get:

    Destination folder already exists… (folder address)…

    Plugin Install Failed.

    I’ve tried reinstalling already. I even deleted everything and started over completely. Have you fixed something in the past few days? Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling again?

    My version of WordPress is 2.8.3.

    thanks, -Dave


    My friend, I could not image what is going on with your blog. Your response disappeared from this thread. I’ve had to recreate my password almost every time I login. My posts do not show up, and then they do. Buggy.

    Anyway, I did attempt to install the plugin at that link numerous times. Should I try again?

    I set the invoice page as “Home” too.

    please help, -Dave


    On why the forum posts disappeared, there are two servers serving http://www.mohanjith.com content. For some reason database sync has stopped while I was asleep. I have restarted the sync and everything should be fine.

    There were no issues with Web Invoice and WordPress 2.8.3 (but I suggest you upgrade to 2.8.4).

    Try specifying a page other than Home (preferably create a page called Invoice).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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