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    Dear great one,

    I have loaded the capability manager plugin by Jordi Canals


    And created a new user status.

    I then went to the settings on Web Invoice to give this status access, and this status did not appear in the list of statuses selectable. And yes, I refreshed WP left and relogged in to check.

    Can this problem be easily resolved by an edit of your plugin?

    Oh, I am using php 5.1+ and WordPress 2.8.6


    Web Invoice doesn’t work with Capability Manager as of now, but it would be a good feature. Thanks for the suggestion. Will implement it soon :)


    Just released 1.9.19 which should fix this issue. Please let me know how it goes.


    And I just loaded it and tested it.

    Yes, now I can create a new capability with capabiltiy manager and it appears in the selection query of the Web Invoice interface; I can select it and it does give that new capability access.

    The only problem is, that as soon as you press the web invoice update button, the Admin looses access. That’s not good. And the new capability then gets control to change the level of access on their own authority. Not good.

    While I can see scenarios where you would have to let a site developer have admin access and not allow him/her get access to the web-invoice system; there are probably more scenarios where the admin wants to charge a new capability like treasurer with co-access.

    I notice that in capability manager you can add a new capability by adding the name of the capability/plugin that enables it. If web invoice could interface that way with capability manager then, perhaps that would be a better way to solve the problem.

    Anyhow, thanks for your immediate response to my situation.


    Easiest way would be to allow multiple roles access. That should solve your issue and not complicate the settings screen.


    @jc, can you please try 1.9.20 . It makes use of capabilities.



    I tried the new version. It works just like the same and changes nothing, other than altering the type of scroll down box for the selection of the status level which will have managament capabilities.

    Before in the prior versions, this box had a down arrow to the right, which when pressed revealed the selections. Now that arrow has completely disappeared, and you need to touch the level in a blue background and scroll down (I have a scrolling wheel on my mouse).

    I though to try holding the control key down and selecting two but to do that I must scroll, and when I scroll with the cntr key depressed the entier WP interface zooms in or out to magnify or reduce the screen. Neet, but not what I want.

    So, no this last update made it worse, in that matter; and left it the same as regards the central issue I raised.


    The issue you are having with the select is because of a browser caching issue. Can you please clear your browser cache and try again?


    OK, I dumped the cache and reloggin it, and yes, that did it.

    I can now select any number of status levels, and using the control key and mouse together choose one or several, and they get access. Great.

    I will test the invoice system this week with paypal and alertpay systems, and let you know.



    Thanks @jc



    What does your latest update do or resolve?


    @jc, it’s only relevant to new installs where Capability Manager is not installed. It fixes a bug introduced while trying to support Capability manager. If it does break something please let me know.



    you have a very dry sense of humor…not it broke nothing, infact it works fine, as I have tried it with paypal and alert pay…


    @jc, I’m bit confused now. I assume everything is working fine in the new release :)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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