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    hi there,

    congratulation, you did a really good job. i would like to help you with the translation into german.

    greetings from switzerland



    @marc, greetings from Sri Lanka :) . Thanks for your offer to help.

    You will find the POT file (i.e. translation template) at . You can find a list of tools that can be aid the translation process at . I personally prefer Lokalize (Formerly known as KBabel). If you have done translations/localization of other projects using gettext I don’t need to explain any further, but if you need help please feel free to shout.

    As this is the first attempt to translating (or rather localizing) Web Invoice into non-English locale, I’d love to hear from you any improvements I can do to Web Invoice to make it more acceptable in Germany and/or Switzerland.


    Hello, I took the pot file and translated it into Italian, where should I send it for you to include it in the next releases?

    Also, in Italy we use a tax registration code (Partita IVA or P.I. or P.IVA) that is required in every invoice (for both the company and the client), so we would need an extra field, after the address, in both the settings page and the invoice page.

    Sometimes (rarely) it’s not needed, but it is very important to have at least the choice to have it or not.

    Another request would be to be able to choose the date format, as in Europe we use day/month/year.

    Last request: if I have foreign clients and I need them to see the invoice in english, rather than italian, I’d need an option when I create the invoice, that lets me choose in what language I want to display the invoice for my client. (the translation will be taken from the translation files you have collected this far, but I only need english and italian for now, so it’s easy).

    Let me know about the pot file!

    Thank you :)


    @Dukessa, thank you very much for translating :) . Much appreciated. You can send the POT file to my e-mail as displayed in .

    I’ll add a new field to add Tax registration numbers and also use the date format specified for the blog. I feel that’s something important and will be added next release (probably next week).

    However I cannot quite think how I would support separate languages for different invoices from the same blog. May be have a separate POT file for front end interfaces.


    @Dukessa, Did you send the POT file?


    Just released 1.9.9 with the changes you requested. Date is “translatable” in the POT file. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

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