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    Loving this plugin so far! But I’m stuck. I really don’t want this to sound stupid as I am very computer literate. I use authorize.net to accept payment. When paying online its a secure connection. How do I get the right information to have it be a secure connection via this plugin?


    I’m not sure I understand you. Is the issue with securing connection between

    1) your clients and your server or

    2) your server and Authorize.net.

    AFAIK, 2) is not an issue as you are using https for communitcation between your server and Authorize.net.

    You should get a SSL certificate to achieve 1) and use https and force your clients to use https. Technically speaking most SSL certificates provide the same level of security but not the same level of assurance, therefor choose your SSL certificates wisely.

    In Web Invoice settings page (‘Web Invoice’ -> ‘Settings’), set ‘Protocol to Use for Invoice URLs:’ to https and ‘Enforce HTTPS’ to Yes.

    Hope I answered you question. If not please elaborate on your problem.


    Thanks for your reply. I realized I wasn’t very clear in my explanation. When I have a client pay me via the authorize.net site its a secure connection. Do I still need to get a SSL certificate to utilize this plugin?


    Yes, at least if you care about security of your client’s personal details (Credit Card and contact information). You need to use https and also force all connections via https. As credit card details are first sent to your server and then sent to Authorize.net to do the actual transaction (i.e. AIM(Advanced Integration Method), see http://developer.authorize.net/faqs/#7411).

    IMHO, all Web Invoice installations should use https at least in the admin area. If not, you are exposing your client’s contact details to any eavesdropper/packet sniffer. If you are using credit card as the payment method, you must use https, no exceptions.


    I know that I want a secure connection as I would never put my info into a place that isn’t secure. What I was asking is if I could piggyback off of the authorize.net site. But it doesn’t look like it. Thanks for answering and the email.


    You can do that with Moneybookers, AlertPay and PayPal as the information is submitted to their secure servers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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