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    A client brought it to my attention that the PayPal image and link in their invoice only displays in Mozilla and not in IE. We discovered this while going over their invoice on the phone and telling him to click the link for payment which he couldn’t see. He moved to another machine that had FF and was able to view it. I also tried viewing it in IE8 and it wouldn’t appear for me also. Any ideas why this is happening?


    In js/web-invoice.js replace any line that reads

    payment_method_array = (jQuery("#web_invoice_payment_method").val() + "").split(",");


    payment_method_array = (jQuery("#web_invoice_payment_method").val() + "");

    This should fix your issue.

    I’ll be making a release with this fix plus some features :)


    I ran the update to the new version prior to reading your response. I searched for that line and it couldn’t find it. Perhaps your newest update took care of it?


    Of course. Why wouldn’t I fix it in the update. :) Anyway did it fix your issue?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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