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    As title says, does web-invoice support PayPal IPN because I tried like 5-6 time but it did not work.


    Nope, Web Invoice doesn’t support PayPal IPN. It neither claims to be such. Web Invoice supports Moneybookers notification and AlertPay IPN.

    There is nothing preventing from adding PayPal IPN support to Web Invoice. I’ll add support for PayPal IPN if anyone is willing to sponsor development or there is a demand from the community (50 users)

    In the mean time check out Moneybookers, they are a very good alternative to PayPal.


    Hmm. I see. Actually I was looking for a application that I can host on my server and send invoices. I used to do it manually with quickbooks but i want something that can work online and can receive confirmation via PayPal IPN.

    Actually there are many application that can be hosted on our server but most of them doesn’t allow PayPal IPNs. So I though this might work.

    Thanks anyway.


    Let’s see. You are one vote.

    If anyone else would like PayPal IPN supported in Web Invoice please shout.


    That’s not necessary. That’s OK.

    Because I am using ActiveCollab and in a month or so, they are releasing a plugin for invoices. They are currently beta testing it.

    Apart from that I think you should include PayPal IPN also because PayPal is widely used and most popular among others. Anyway, think about this feature if you have enough time.


    Only if I know more about programming, I’d definitely give it a go to contribute. The paypal IPN would be terrific. Been waiting any of the 2 available wp-invoice plugins for it’s paypal IPN support. Seems it’s not coming unless I will stand for myself and the others who wants paypal IPN integrated too in such a pretty plugin.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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