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    After I upgraded WordPress to 3.0 I received a blank admin screen. Front of the site was working normally, but the entire dashboard was gone. No error message or anything, just a blank screen.

    The only remedy is to delete the plugin, then the dashboard returns.

    I have just tried it again with a clean plugin install and again I got the “white screen of death” in the dashboard.

    My last resort was to delete the web invoice tables from the database, because maybe there was a conflict. Then I did again a vanilla install of the plugin and again I got the “white screen of death” in the dashboard.

    Apart from opting for another plugin, what are my options?


    I’m using Web Invoice on WordPress 3.0 and I have tested on WPMU 3.0 as well. I haven’t seen a white screen of death so far.

    White screen of death is usually caused by a fatal PHP error, if you have a look at the web server error logs you will be able to figure out at least what’s causing the issue.

    Please post your web server error log (last few lines) here. Make sure you enable PHP error loggin.


    Let me make a guess, you are running out of maximum amount of memory PHP can allocate. i.e. Allowed memory size of … bytes exhausted (tried to allocate … bytes) in …

    Please incrementally increase memory_limit in your php.ini until Web Invoice starts to work. I managed to get WordPress 3.0 using default template and no other plugins with 27MB, your mileage may vary.


    Hi Mohanjith,

    The “white screen of death” only happens on the dashboard, the entire front of the site works without a problem. Normally the “white screen of death” affects the entire site, front and back.

    My best guess is that it has something to do with the combination of:

    – my theme

    – the way the plugin is written

    – the PayPal integration

    The reason why I come to this “conclusion” that I also tried WP-Invoice, which gave me the exact same problem and WordPress-3-Invoice which works.

    The only difference between your plugin and WP-Invoice on the one hand and WordPress-3-Invoice on the other is the PayPal integration…


    @senlin09, only way to know what’s causing the white screen of death is to have a look at the web server error log with php error logging enabled (setting log_errors = On in your php.ini) or by setting enabling display errors (setting display_errors = On).

    Any other means you use to come to a conclusion what might be causing the issue is flawed.

    I can assure you Web Invoice works perfectly on WordPress 3.0 and WPMU 3.0 on multiple installations.


    Hi Mohanjith,

    I guess you were right!

    I just upped my memory limit to 64MB and the white screen is gone!

    Fantastic, so I can keep using your brilliant plugin!




    Glad I could have helped :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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