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    I’m working on a project for managing film output orders using jQuery and SWFupload to both create a file upload queue with individual options such as desired size and quantity and then display a dynamic invoice accordingly. Being as I’m already creating a dynamic invoice with an itemized list and have all the data, it seems quite convenient to be able to tie that into web invoice instead of manually entering the information. Given that set of data, I’d like to know how to use php to turn that into a web invoice invoice and automatically send the default email.



    Use the function web_invoice_process_invoice_update (See Functions.php:2175). Unfortunately invoice variables will have to be set as elements of the $_REQUEST global variable.

    When you have a look at the function you will figure it out.


    I am in a much needed situation to generate invoices based on user file uploaded + selection of values from a form.

    Tom – any way you can assist with file upload + form output? any example I can see?

    Mohanjith – are you able to assist as I am not a php coder?

    many thanks!


    Hi Mohanjth. Sent you contact email as requested from avg101. Look for something from Raj M.




    i am also interested in creating invoices with values taken from a form of a previous page. The ammount of money that i want to charge is dynamic and based on selection of the user. I have seen the function you are proposing Mohanjith but I am not sure how to use then. Is there any tutorial that presents how to do that?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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