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    Nope, I mean I have PayPal IPN on the sandbox and it works, I haven’t tried on the live system my self. Thanks for the info, now I have some place to start from.

    Will e-mail you with a possible fix for you to test soon. Thanks again.

    in reply to: PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) #5398

    Yes, the plugin supports PayPal IPN and works with the sandbox. I think I should try in the live environment as you are the second person to complain about IPNs failing.

    To confirm that PayPal is not having issues, can you scroll to the bottom of the ‘Manage Invoice’ and see whether there are any failed IPN transactions?

    Also can you check the web server logs and see what’s the HTTP code returned for IPN transactions.

    When you click and go to the URL HTTP 400 error should be thrown because you are not sending any POST data.


    in reply to: Form Code broken #5383

    Link you have given doesn’t display an invoice.

    Can you please try with default theme as I cannot reproduce the issue at all? Also can you list the payment options you use?

    in reply to: Shared ssl #5380

    Host URL is handled by WordPress, you could setup a separate WordPress installation with Web Invoice to use the shared SSL certificate.

    in reply to: Totals not showing #5377

    Sure, please contact me via

    in reply to: Totals not showing #5371

    If the totals are not displayed it must be a javascript error. Please see whether there are any javascript errors being thrown. You might also want to switch to the default theme for the odd chance the theme might be causing a javascript error to be caused.

    PS: Did you clear your browser cache after disabling all the plugins?

    in reply to: PHP 5.2 #5368

    Cool :)

    in reply to: PHP 5.2 #5359

    Do you think you could upgrade to PHP 5.2.6 ? It’s very simple and since you are on a VPS there is nothing preventing you. If you insist that you cannot upgrade to 5.2.6 I’ll try to make Web Invoice compatible with PHP 5.1.6.

    Since PHP 5.2.0 was released around 4 years ago (02 Nov 2006), I was assuming it was safe to set the minimum requirement there and also I had to use a function that’s introduced in PHP 5.2 .

    Is anyone else having issues upgrading to PHP 5.2.6?

    in reply to: PHP 5.2 #5353

    I think you are running PHP 5.1.6 on CentOS. See how to upgrade to PHP 5.2.6 .

    in reply to: PHP 5.2 #5350

    Btw, after WordPress 3.1.x series you will not be able to upgrade WordPress as well if you don’t run at least PHP 5.2.0, you should seriously consider asking your web host to upgrade their PHP version.


    in reply to: PHP 5.2 #5347

    ah, if everything works fine in 2.0.10 could I know the PHP version you are using?

    in reply to: Web Invoice hosted edition #5230

    Anyone interested in using hosted edition of Web Invoice, see . It’s still work in progress but once singed up you will not notice the difference between hosted version and self hosted version.

    in reply to: %content #5344

    Sure, can you add it as an enhancement to

    in reply to: List of e-mail template variables #5008

    Now the template variables can be found under the Help “tab” when you are editing the templates.

    in reply to: Static web invoice on page #5332

    Nope, not without lot of changes.

    Have you considered the option of allowing users generate invoice from a template invoice>

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