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    @seni09, thanks for pointing out the issue with the payment confirmation mail. I have changed it to “…has received your payment for the…” (not yet released).

    I’m not seeing the issue with zeros (in the latest release). I wonder what’s wrong with your installation. Anyone else having the same issue please shout.

    You can modify the e-mail content, it’s in a function called web_invoice_show_email in Display.php. It should be on line 1459.

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    To send receipts go to Web Invoice -> Settings and select yes for Send Payment Confirmation.

    How many zeros do you need behind the amount? Web Invoice already formats currency amounts with 2 decimal places. If it is not the case with your installation please let me know.

    I just noticed there is no consistency in formatting dates (my bad). Give me couple of hours to get that fixed. Then you can modify the localization file and the date will be displayed appropriately.

    Thank you senlin09

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    SyntaxHighlighter2 is based on SyntaxHighlighter. Invalid XHTML markup was a defect in SyntaxHighlighter and fixed in SyntaxHighlighter2. SyntaxHighlighter2 has more syntax variants compared to SyntaxHighlighter. However I need to address the overflow issue, see Line 51 (in the code snippet).

    @AllRoCol thank you very much for posting your findings, much appreciated.

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    I’d say that’s a difficult choice. Both have similar functionality, if not same. Please check out both and see how each fares and let everyone know. :) I’d recommend SyntaxHighlighter2.

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    @marc, greetings from Sri Lanka :) . Thanks for your offer to help.

    You will find the POT file (i.e. translation template) at . You can find a list of tools that can be aid the translation process at . I personally prefer Lokalize (Formerly known as KBabel). If you have done translations/localization of other projects using gettext I don’t need to explain any further, but if you need help please feel free to shout.

    As this is the first attempt to translating (or rather localizing) Web Invoice into non-English locale, I’d love to hear from you any improvements I can do to Web Invoice to make it more acceptable in Germany and/or Switzerland.

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    @spucktier, thanks for the idea. TinyMCE support will definitely make the plugin more usable. I’ll definitely add this feature in the next release (Probably early next week).

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