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    I have finally got around to installing my SSL certificate to use Google Checkout. Unfortunately the page is loading as insecure because the scripts called by Web Invoice load as http:// not https:// even though I have selected the options to force SSL and to use https://

    example: https://www.jamesmorrisondesign.com/wp-core/make-a-payment/?invoice_id=b4188b4e55f167f74c175765df6f9fcb

    I tried changing the WordPress address to start https:// – all this did was break the login and admin areas by loading all content as https://https:// (the https twice killed all CSS / JS)…

    Where do I edit the plugin files to make the plugin load in a secure environment?

    One other thing, I noticed the Google Checkout image was also being called as http:// – I edited Display.php to alter this to https://

    Will the required updates be put into the next version of Web Invoice (along with viewing an invoice once paid)?




    Thanks for reporting. Next release will have fixes for https not being used for payment method logos.

    Because wp_enqueue_script is being used to add javascript it will not be possible to fix the javascript being loaded from http:// when “WordPress address” is using http:// .

    I use https for my invoice site, I have no issues with insecure connections. Definitely it doesn’t break login and admin areas. You might want to make sure your settings are fine and there is no caching (of settings) making everything to break.

    Since you have already changed Display.php, you will only have to change the “WordPress address”. Can you quote the complete “WordPress address” and “Blog address” if you continue to have issues.


    Thanks for your input.

    I figured out the problem lies with having the WP installation in its own directory (on a temp basis whilst I build the theme and test).

    Testing the https:// WordPress Address & Blog Address on the live site works without JS includes / CSS starting https://https:// and breaking the layout but doesn’t work in a sub-directory.

    This is probably a WordPress error rather than anything to do with the plugin though.


    Fixed in 1.9.5

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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