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    thanks for planing this modifications would be really great.

    Here are some other thoughts I had:

    – Welcome, XYZ! We have sent you invoice XYZ with a total amount of €XYZ.

    Is it possible to change this text? For europeans it would be more interesting to have XYZ€ and not €XYZ. Could you add something on the settings page maybe?

    – Do you plan to add some kinds of statistics? Total amount of invoices paid or unpaid, etc…


    @leohil, not right now. I’ll have the value and currency symbol as separate symbols in the e-mail templates in the next release.

    No plans to add any stats, but can you explain what you would like to see as stats and how they are useful (best if it’s in a separate thread).


    Id love to see saved products from a drop down list. This would save me tons of time so I dont have to re-enter in information in each time for the products and prices.

    It would be extremely helpful for me, as I want to use the plugin to recurring bill my clients for website hosting for their blogs through paypal.


    Lazarus, yeah great idea maybe with autocomplete?

    @admin I don’t know if you know billing3 (http://www.billingsapp.com/) but your project could go into this direction.

    For some invoice templates I can help you if you want.


    Maybe instead of an autocomplete, just a check box? That would save a few clicks and scrolling right there. Plus I think it would be easier to implement, if it was pulled from a flat file instead of a database (as its not a dynamic data item, theres really no reason for a database table for it.)


    @Lazarus, my hands are full right now and allowing the products to be defined requires significant effort. If you need this implemented immediately can you consider sponsoring the feature. Please contact me via https://www.mohanjith.com/contact.html.


    Sorry for not replying sooner, I only just began implementing the the billing for our site. I removed the comments at your suggestion. Customers can use the contact form if they have a question.

    Quantity does not show up on the final bill. This should be added, so someone doesn’t wonder if they are being billed more then they should be. ie price per item, quantity, and total per item.

    PayPal masspay, is sent as an ascii tab delimited file, and allows the sender to pay $1, while the receiver gets all the money, no paypal fees. You should be able to get info on that, if you have a PayPal business account. The only way it would work for payments, is if the payee clicks a button, and a file is saved to their HD, which they in turn upload to PayPal.

    Would be nice, to have the ability to add items individually, and then weekly send an invoice for all the items which we mark as complete. For example, we usually send out a bill each week, or every other week for work completed by our company. But if I could add each job (item) we do, for each company we bill to, and mark each one as complete, shipping (tracking #), or status_________ then at least for me, it would become much more functional. I am sure that this idea, you could change a bit, to make it a much more appealing solution for more people. I think of it as kindred to inventory tracking, except in my case, it’s jobs we are working on to complete, and status is where we are in the work. The other options which would need to be added, if you were to add it, would be order number and company or person to whom the bill is due. I see this as a logical extension, and would be willing to donate some money towards you getting this done. Let me know.



    is it possible to contribute to your project?


    @leohil, definitely. Thank you for your thought.

    Please make your patch against https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/web-invoice/trunk/ and upload it and post the link here or contact me via https://www.mohanjith.com/contact.html . (I’m assuming you have some code to contribute).


    Would it be possible to include a logo in the invoice, both in display and in PDF?


    @travoltron I think logo in the display version is upto the theme, but logo in the PDF is a really good idea, thanks. Will add it. :)


    SH: What about an estimate feature like on FreshBooks?

    Create Invoice and on sending options, have choice for email estimate;

    Client receives email (with estimate txt instead of invoice txt), and when goes to site sees “accept” button instead of payment features.

    Clint clicks accept and estimate turns into accepted invoice

    Invoice Displays as Accepted State until consultant changes and clicks send as invoice to client.

    What do you think?? this way you could manage estimates and invoices and keep clients happy!!


    @314media, IMO it should be a separate plugin. If time permits I’ll create an estimate plugin.


    I can take a stab at this, what files would I look to edit on the plugin?



    I guess I should have specified, I’ll take a look at the code and implementation for the logo bit.

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