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    Hi all,

    Today I have been busy upgrading all my websites to the latest WP 2.8 that was released yesterday.

    I am not entirely sure what the problem is, but when Web Invoice is activated none of the dropdown menus in the dashboard (sidebar and screen options) seem to work. De-activating the plugin solves this problem immediately.

    Are you experiencing the same? Does anyone have a solution?

    UPDATE: it might have to do with conflicting javascript in WP admin panel.


    Accepted, will have a fix ASAP (tomorrow). This is a critical issue and will be fixed immediately. Thanks @senlin09 for bringing it up.


    Thanks for your quick response @admin.

    Sorry for the extra work…


    Released an update (1.8.0). It works fine with WordPress 2.8.0


    cool thanks for the speedy update admin! Will go and check it out, if problems will let you know.

    Wish you nice weekend!


    Hi admin, I can indeed confirm that problems with dashboard are solved. Thanks!



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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