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    Does this plugin support moneybookers merchant account?

    1. I have it turned on and a merchant account with moneybookers, but it keeps directing the customers to the page to log in to moneybookers account to pay a bill by credit card. Moneybookers has an option to bypass the login feature for merchants with the quick check out.

    It seems now to just use the pay by email feature that makes the customer log in and create an account, and the plugin useless.

    2. I was trying to edit the plugin, and when editing the template at web-invoice/gateways/moneybookers.class.php its also showing me (inactive)

    3. The email to client does not seem to work, brings me to a blank page, and does not email anything to the client. I did try increasing the php mem as suggested in another post.

    Thanks for your help.


    Have you setup the Moneybookers integration properly? Please try with an unmodified version.

    Also, please familiarize yourself with what Moneybookers merchant account means. It allows users to pay with credit card instead of loading money to their Moneybookers account. If they already have an account they have to sign in, otherwise register. Try adding Skype credit via Moneybookers, you will notice.



    I guess im lost. Your answer really tells me nothing, could you re read the original question and maybe try to give a strait answer? I think the question was begging you to let me know hot to set up the Moneybookers integration properly? I haven’t really found any clear instructions on that anywhere.

    1. I have a merchant account, here is the latest email from moneybookers.

    Thank you for contacting Moneybookers.

    Please be informed that the quick check out is enabled for you already.

    The secret word you can set in the merchant tools section of your account. It should be lower case, up to ten characters and no special characters involved in it.

    Our network ranges are:,,,

    – For *your inbound* connections (from Moneybookers to you):,

    – For *your outbound* connections (from you to Moneybookers):,,,

    As to your credit card we can see that it was verified. What is more this verification is not necessary as your account is already subject to no transaction limits.

    We hope this information is useful to you.

    Do not hesitate to contact us again for further questions.

    Best Regards

    Moneybookers Merchant Services

    SO yes, I understand the merchant account means that people can pay with a credit card.

    What I am not understanding, is how to get that set up, so that customers do not have to go through the registration process. It says in there merchant gateway setup that it is possible.

    2. The secret word they refer to is what you refer to in the plugin as a “Moneybookers payment notification secret:” ?????

    3. The Plugin lists “Moneybookers payment notification IP:, and you have some other ip adresses listed in the default plugin installation. Which of the sets of IP addresses go into your plugins “Moneybookers payment notification IP slot.

    4. When I use the plugin on test accounts, it brings me directly to a log in page for moneybookers, rather than a page for customers to fill out their information. In all the gateway intigration info they gave me, there is the possibility to bypass that registration with the quick checkout.

    5. I don’t know how to modify it, so you asking me to try with an unmodified version is a mute point, it is an unmodified version I am working with.

    If you have a setup guide, I would love to read it, but have searched for almost a month now and not found anything relevant. Sorry If this sounds snappy or rude, but after trying to work with this plug in for almost two months, and planning a business around this plugin, I cannot find a way to make it work as it should. I had high hopes of giving you a nice donation, but still the problems remain, not to mention that you ignored the second portion of the post, that states the “email to client” does not work and brings me to a blank page.

    What my friend, am I missing?


    Straight answer is you are missing nothing and you have setup everything as it should be.

    Issue is that your idea of a merchant account is different from what Moneybookers considers as a merchant account. Also Moneybookers will not show the credit card form if you already have a Moneybookers account (see 2 bellow)

    To demonstrate this either,

    1. buy Skype credit via Moneybookers. You will notice you will be sent to a similar page to what you see, screen to login to Moneybookers and then make a payment; or

    2. try to settle a invoice from your Web Invoice installation as a user (e-mail) without a Moneybookers account. Then you will be able to provide your credit card details and create an account.

    If this explanation is not clear, please contact Moneybookers support and ask why your clients can’t enter the credit card details without logging in when they already have a Moneybookers account and why users have to register with Moneybookers when they are making a payment to you.

    Beyond that I don’t know how to explain, may be someone else can try.

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