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    I don’t see anywhere what you need to do to set up your invoicing page, other than create one and identify it in the plugin’s settings. Is there a shortcode or something that I should be putting on the otherwise blank page?


    Nope, you have configured the plugin properly. Please follow the links in the e-mail or the dashboard. If the page is still blank please see whether the invoice_id is not changed (e.g. something appended to the invoice_id).

    Hope this helps.


    btw, I deleted the duplicate topics, they were all safely there but not replicated. It was a temporary issue shouldn’t happen often.


    Thanks; any chance you can note that on the WordPress Extend page either under Installation or the Description page? Might help avoid some confusion.


    Not sure what you mean, installation instructions are correct. I’ll add possible causes for the invoice to be blank to the FAQ. That should stop anyone else having the same issues as you (I’m assuming you had an issue with the invoice_id).


    No, no issues at all. It is just a little confusing to add a page to your WordPress site only to go directly to it and it be blank. From what I understand it is just a placeholder for links to invoices, which is fine, but maybe just a note that explains that somewhere.


    I’m testing the web invoice for a client. Got everything configured, did a test invoice, but when you view the invoice online, it is written twice. Once above the entire web template and within the body of the the Invoice page.

    What can I do to resolve this problem?

    You can check it out for yourself by going to

    Appreciate any help.


    Interesting, I cannot reproduce the issue with the default themes and no one else seems to have an issue either. I think the issue lies in your theme. Anyway, if you find the cause please post back.


    Greetings, I am using web invoice on my site and very good it is too.

    My question is how do I hide the Invoice page from everyone but the person that I send the Invoice to. I tried using the private function on edit page but that just meant that no-one could see it at all? I have looked at a few other members site and they have successfully overcome this prob.How?




    Pagemash plugin ( is your friend to hide any page from the menu :-)


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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